�Tay Bridge Disaster Memorials (Dundee & Wormit)


On Saturday the 28th December 2013, at�simple but moving ceremonies held on both sides of the Tay, memorials were unveiled to the 59 known victims of the Tay Bridge Disaster of 1879.�The great majority of those who were lost came from Fife and Tayside, and typically were returning to Dundee on the �Edinburgh� after visiting family and friends on the south side of the river.�This was the 134th anniversary of the tragedy, an event still powerfully remembered in the locality, and now marked in the form of substantial granite panels bearing the names of all those � passengers and crew - who went down with the train.


The memorials were erected through the auspices of the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster Memorial Trust, who wish to thank all those charitable organisations, businesses and individual citizens without whose support the enterprise could not have succeeded.